I was born and raised on my Dad's dairy farm and have been working there since I was a kid. As I was growing up I became fascinated in how moving a plastic piece of hardware caused a little cursor on the monitor to move around. Since then I've been learning more and more every day about the inner workings of computers, in particular; programming. This fascination has led me to make various websites, tools, and programs.


The more I learned about programming the more I wanted to become skilled in it, it was a sort of feedback loop. It felt very rewarding to create working and efficient code so I continued my endeavors. What really kick started my interest was from playing Garry's Mod, a game where people could create other game modes using the Lua programming language. I learned this language to create plugins for a framework called OpenAura, now known as Clockwork. Since then I've been learning other programming languages and releasing projects for said languages.


As I move away from the family farm and in to the field of programming I hope to further improve my skillset. I want to be challenged in my journey to improving myself as a programmer. This will allow me to take on more difficult roles to continue to challenge and improve myself.