Bookkeeper & Farm Labourer at Shady Lane Farms, Ottawa

I did day to day calf chores (feeding, bedding, etc.), managed calf health, and helped with other work like cropping. Using AgExpert I entered day to day transactions, imported bank statements, prepared reports, and I also wrote documentation. I was a Farm Labourer between 2016-04 – 2016-09 and a Bookkeeper between 2016-09 – 2017-04. I’ve held both positions since 2017-04.

Contracted Project Manager at Cloud Sixteen, Remote

I organized project tasks using Trello, coordinated developers, and programmed features for the Clockwork Severance schema such as the Crafting library.

Game Server Provider at Exiguous Productions, Home

I provided game servers (using Open Game Panel), web hosting (using Vesta CP), and dedicated servers (from HostVenom) to customers and provided support for said services. I also managed and trained a team of 8 support technicians. Customers were provided support through WHMCS’ support tickets and knowledgebase articles, I wrote most of the articles.

Director of Support at Furious-Servers, Remote

I coordinated support technicians, helped troubleshoot customer’s problems, and wrote knowledgebase articles using WHMCS.